Today’s Content Supply Chains Prevent Continuous Customer Journeys

A November 2018 Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by SDL

Unified Customer Journeys

In this study, Forrester Consulting evaluates content supply chains across creation, through translation, to delivery. The study finds that rising customer expectations intensify the demand for better experiences. To achieve top business objectives, companies require a holistic investment in both content processes and technology. 

This video provides you with Forrester's four key findings. To learn more, you can download the complete study to find out what your industry peers have to say and to read Forrester's key recommendations.

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Key findings: 

  • 82% of companies agree that content plays a critical role in achieving top business objectives. 
  • Companies lack the global tools and processes critical to delivering a continuous customer journey. 
  • Companies struggle to handle the growing scale and pace of content demands. 
  • Product information has a strategic value in improving the customer experience. 

Download this study to learn about Forrester’s key recommendations for organizations that want to unlock the strategic value of their content.