SDL checkTerm

Choose the right words with our central terminology store. Identify all relevant terms to speed up the translation review process. 

Quickly, easily, and cost-effectively check whether source content and translations comply with company-approved terminology.

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Key benefits

Source content and translations that comply with your company-wide approved terminology.
Easily check terminology.
Speed up the translation review process.
Improve content creation.
Create consistent content and translations.
Easily integrate with your software.

Key features

Stemming technology

Analyze your text by stemming nouns and verbs: decomposing words, splitting the components, and checking these against the termbase. 

Correctly spot declined or conjugated words, and individual parts of compositions, making it simpler to find out whether any forbidden derivative terms have been used in any content.

Stemming technology
Morphology technology
Scalability and integration
SEO optimized
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