SDL Secure Translation Supply Chain

Demonstrate compliance and gain complete control of all content and information across your global translation process. 

Compliance doesn’t need to be complicated—benefit from a secure, enterprise-class, vendor-agnostic translation platform that allows you to combine regulatory compliance and translation best practice.

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Key benefits

Build security into your global content strategy.
Define and restrict control.
Prevent unauthorized information sharing.
Enjoy higher-quality translations.
Reduce manual effort.
Remove the risk of non-compliance.

Key features

Simple, clean user interface (UI)

It’s easy for translation requesters to submit requests using our centralized, secure platform. Flexible APIs easily integrate our technology with a range of content management systems. 

Gain full visibility of project status with our project management dashboards.

Simple, clean user interface (UI)
Scalable & flexible architecture
Content reuse
Secure & compliant

SDL Secure Translation Supply Chain Solution 

Compliance and data security throughout the translation supply chain.