SDL Tridion for Global Website Management

Protect your brand identity and increase its equity with global website management and avoid disparate CMS systems and inappropriate use of branding elements. 

With SDL Tridion you can establish one voice for your brand and maintain your authenticity in any language, on any channel. Tailor your message to local markets and personalize the customer experience to make it even more relevant.

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Key results

Build a strong global brand with a local voice.
58% cost savings on multi-lingual brand content.
65% improvement on mobile visitors.
20% reduction in website bounce rate.
20% increase in organic traffic.
90% increase in lead conversions.

Business applications

  • Branded house

  • House of brands

  • Multilingual personalization

Managing a strong global brand across myriads websites, languages, channels and devices is not always easy and can easily get out of hand. 

With SDL Tridion your central marketing organization can streamline their workflows with cloud based, easy to use Web Content Management. Rather than copying and cloning websites for new markets or channels, SDL Tridion’s unique BluePrinting® manages this for you so that your brand is well protected, not just on day one after go live, but ongoing and on a global scale.

Don’t let managing multiple brands with ever-growing number of products become a burden. SDL Tridion’s unique BluePrinting® feature controls any number of brands for you from within a single, cloud based Web Content Management environment so you don’t have to outsource your campaigns and websites. 

Gain economies of scale and allow brand managers to run dedicated campaigns and spin up microsites. Multiple brands with independent voices can now go-to-market faster under corporate guidance.

Enable your brand to connect to each customer through dynamic, localized experiences. Our Global Website Management solution allows you to run dozens of local country sites, and find the perfect balance between central control and local flexibility. 

Experience optimization lets you target promotions and run A/B tests so you can find out which message works best.

Key features

Centralized marketing content

With SDL Tridion, you can create, curate and localize marketing content at scale for multiple brands and markets. 

Run campaigns, launch products and services and communicate in an agile manner, all from a single centralized platform.

Centralized marketing content
Unify marketing workflows
Launch orchestration
Content as a service

Global Website Management you can trust

“The Unilever brand is vital to the organization. The timescale for our project was extremely tight and there’s no way that this could have been achieved without the SDL Tridion team.”

Katherine Attoe, IT Manager.

Digital-first globalization strategies research report.