SDL Tridion—Your Digital Experience Hub

SDL Tridion is your brand’s control center for creating next generation digital experiences (DX). Acting as a DX Hub it joins up disparate systems and workflows to help you achieve operational and competitive excellence. 

It provides global content management connected to your content ideation, planning, asset management, commerce and other supporting technologies. Establish a single source of truth for your marketing team and provide a connected journey for your customers.

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Business applications

  • Connected user journeys

  • Customer acquisition

  • Customer conversion

  • Customer retention

Mapping out connected customer experiences over multiple channels and keeping them consistent and relevant is a challenge for the modern marketer, who is dealing with myriads systems, tools and content formats. 

SDL Tridion connects the dots between content ideation, planning, creation, translation and delivery, and enables you to provide continuity across all phases of the customer journey.

Acquiring customers is difficult and expensive. It requires both a strong brand and flawless communication. Many companies struggle due to fragmented internal processes and departmental silos across marketing, product development, customer support, and sales. 

With SDL Tridion you transcend technological boundaries and organizational silos. It joins up disparate point solutions from all parts of your business to delight your customers.

Converting web visitors into customers is a tough job. People want to be engaged and informed, not sold to. A product-centric commerce approach no longer works. 

With SDL Tridion you can grow online revenue streams by providing engaging experiences, supported by commerce capabilities from your commerce or Product Information Management (PIM) system, enhanced with in-depth product information.

A long lasting customer relationship pays off. Improved customer Lifetime Value (LTV) drives your top line revenue, as part of a long term strategy that doesn’t rely on new customer acquisition alone. 

Use SDL Tridion to supply superior customer self-service and deliver high-quality product and service information exactly tailored to the purchases and needs of your customers.

Key features

Marketing content centralization

Centralizing access to marketing content from various point systems helps unify processes and reduces overhead and costs from marketing operations. 

With SDL Tridion you can control the entire experience composition lifecycle from ideation, creation, review, management and delivery at scale in an agile manner by connecting to various marketing tools and systems.

Marketing content centralization
Omnichannel orchestration
Superior interoperability
Content as a service

Key benefits

Build a continuous customer journey and delight your customers.
Version Management and Content Reuse..
Structured collaboration for SMEs.
Adaptive content for any channel.
Information governance and security.
Powerful search and easy access.

A Digital Experience Hub you can trust

“Your products are outstanding and your support of them is at the highest level of service.”

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