SDL Accessibility Solution

SDL Accessibility Solution

Confidently communicate across both language and ability barriers, while maintaining your compliance and efficiency in accessibility. 

Go beyond corporate responsibility to make accessibility a good business strategy and improve the customer journey while driving company revenue at the same time.

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Key benefits

Equal access for all.
Ensure content is always accessible.
Be fully compliant.
Improve customer experience.
Drive company revenue.
Translate content and be globally accessible.

Key features

Compliance assessment

Let our accessibility experts help you determine your current state of compliance against accessibility standards such as 508, ADA, and WCAG. 

We'll conduct an assessment of all outward-facing enterprise content so you can see the content that passed, and the content that failed compliance. This data will help you build out a successful accessibility strategy.

Compliance assessment
Accessibility strategy
Remediation services

SDL Accessibility Solution

Ensure compliance and improve your customer experience for all of your customers.