Crestec Europe BV

Crestec Europe is specialized in technical documentation, translation and localization.

About us

We are part of the Crestec Group, a Japanese company focused on global documentation which in the past 35 years has developed into a major player with a worldwide network of 32 offices spread over 12 countries.

Starting out in 1995 as the translation centre for the entire Crestec group, Crestec Europe has since grown into a well-recognized company with about 40 employees and a network of hundreds of dedicated translation suppliers offering complete documentation services in over 90 languages and in a wide range of subject matters. Although translation is still a major part of our activities, an equal proportion of our turnover is derived from other fields related with the translation and documentation business such as software localization, DTP, technical writing, software development, printing and fulfilment services.

In a very competitive market, Crestec Europe has grown steadily and continues to do so. Behind this success is a highly-motivated and specialized team of in house professionals that includes project managers, editors, vendor managers, DTP specialists as well as dedicated sales account executives who are always eager to serve our clients in the best way possible. Whatever your translation and documentation needs might be, we have the solution for you!