Insights on New Ways of Working

Research Study 2016: Translation Technology Insights

The pressure is on

SDL's Translation Technology Insights (TTI) study shows that 79% of translation suppliers work with remote teams, new file formats are creating technical hurdles, and over the last five years 73% of respondents have seen an increase in project frequency while 88% have seen tighter deadlines.

It is apparent that the requirements of customers in the translation industry are continuously evolving and challenging existing ways of working. This eBook explores how translation technology is keeping up with the pace of change and outlines how your business can adapt to new ways of working.

Increasingly complex jobs need efficient project management

Jobs are getting larger and more complex, while turnaround times are getting faster. Therefore processes like chunking large jobs into several small projects and distributing translation assets to multiple recipients have become common, but have substantially increased project administration.

By using centralized platforms like SDL Trados GroupShare, project management and communications can be automated, simplifying and speeding up the translation process.

New Ways of Working Webcast
Join Neil Ferguson, Product Marketing Manager at SDL, for an in-depth look at the topic of new ways of working.