Sometimes more is better with SDL Trados GroupShare

Get more of the things that make life better for your translation team

They say the sky is the limit. It really is when you have the software that brings your translation team together.

With rising workloads and increasing demands on your day, spend less time on project admin and more time on what you do best — producing exceptional translations that engage your global audience.

Hosted in the cloud, on your premises or one of our dedicated servers, SDL Trados GroupShare is designed for how translation teams work today, and offers more flexibility, more visibility, more control and more freedom.


More Flexibility

With translation teams spread across offices, cities and countries, there's a need for everyone to access and work on projects — whenever and wherever they may be. 

For the busy project manager GroupShare automates and simplifies work making for a much faster and simplified project creation and management process. Translation teams can harness GroupShare’s translation and review capabilities, which combines the power of the desktop with the versatility of the cloud to offer the right tool for every job.

SDL Trados GroupShare

More Visibility

Once a translation project is underway, you need to be in regular communication by phone or email with each translator or reviewer to know what's happening. When handling numerous projects at the same time, this lack of visibility can cause a real headache — with projects just starting, in progress or close to completion.

With SDL Trados GroupShare's dashboard, for each project you can quickly and easily see the individual project stage, what each translator or reviewer is doing, the individual files being worked on and when they have been completed.
SDL Trados GroupShare

More Control

When assets aren't stored centrally, each person in your team could be using and updating their own translation memory. Keeping everyone's versions in sync can quickly become difficult to control for the project manager.

SDL Trados GroupShare provides a hub for translation assets so teams can ensure they are always using the latest versions. You also have complete control of all project files by assigning them to each translator and reviewer. And for greater security, you can allocate and withdraw rights to translation memories, termbases and files, or restrict the downloading of files, by individual, inhibiting copy and paste when using the GroupShare Online Editor.

SDL Trados GroupShare

More Freedom

With every translation project you set up, certain tasks need to be done such as notifying translators when files are ready to work on and moving projects along each phase. Managing and keeping on top of these manually can take up a lot of your time - most likely time that can be spent doing something more productive.

SDL Trados GroupShare gives you more freedom through the in-built automation of core project management procedures that remove the need for you to remember to do these repetitive, yet vitally important, tasks.
SDL Trados GroupShare

Four ways to help your growing translation team achieve more

What steps can you take to help everyone in your team get better at doing more?

Find out in this short eBook.

Live demo: the easy to use SDL Trados GroupShare Online Editor

November 9 - 3pm-3:15pm GMT

In this short 15 minute session Fleur Schut, Business Consultant at SDL, will give a live demonstration showing how GroupShare's Online Editor provides teams with more flexibility to complete translations faster. This includes how translators and reviewers can work concurrently on the same document to save time, and how edits can be made from any web-based device through a browser.

Webinar: Help your team become even more efficient with SDL Trados GroupShare

November 15 - 3pm-4pm GMT

Presented by Clementine Tissier, Marketing Executive at SDL and Roman Jhukov, Customer Success Representative at SDL, discover how GroupShare gives teams more of what they need to work more efficiently. This includes a demo showing how you will gain more control, more flexibility, more visibility and more freedom.

Find out how you can significantly reduce manual steps with GroupShare

How GroupShare has provided more for our customers

"We can now get full benefit from previous translations: translators can simultaneously access TMs stored in GroupShare from within SDL Trados Studio. This allows us to re-use each other’s content, in real time, to save time and effort and improving consistency. We can also update TMs in real time and easily import TM exchange (TMX) files we receive from our clients.”
Almudena Ballester,
Language Resources & Technologies Coordinator,
"SDL Trados GroupShare is the ideal server platform for growing translation teams. It centralizes everything. So everybody – including our external freelancers – can work together. Assigning tasks across the team and communicating their completion is simple. We can eliminate error-prone and time consuming manual tasks from our workflow."
Angelo Caltagirone,
Managing Director,
"SDL Trados GroupShare enables Word Class and its team of translators to easily access global project data, wherever they are based, via the Cloud. Project managers are able to view and manage the progress of their projects in real time, and clients are given direct access to project updates too. This transparency helps Word Class to ensure consistent output across all jobs and avoids duplication of efforts."
Antoine Camus,
General Manager,
Word Class
"We’ve been using GroupShare for several years now (since 2015). We realized right from the start that we would save time and money with this cloud solution. Once each translator is set up, we just have to use a few clicks to assign one or many files in a project. We can monitor their progress, use the TUs they have already generated and, voila! When they’re done, we just open the file(s) on our end for review and finalization. It saves the hassle of uploading and downloading thousands of files every month, millions of files every year. We also have the security of the files being backed up in the GroupShare cloud.”
Deborah A. Landry,
Court-sworn translator,
Landry & Associates International
"With SDL Trados GroupShare on board, it became much easier for our project managers to receive and dispatch the required translation work to different resources, internally and externally. SDL Trados GroupShare really has had a positive impact on our business. We have seen approximately a 25% increase in productivity on the coordination side. For the largest projects that figure increased to 40%"
Isabelle Jenkins,
General Manager,
"With Groupshare and MultiTerm Server we were able to take terminology management to a new level. Termbases are now centralised, updated in real-time and accessible for our translators, clients and their international partners. This not only improves the consistency of our translations, but enables an efficient workflow of constant optimisation where all parties are part of the process. This creates a lasting asset for our clients."
Luciano Lykkebos,
Managing Director,
Scandanavian Language Service
“The team finds GroupShare so valuable because it allows all of us who use Studio to share translation memories and terminology resources in real time."
Marjukka Lehtinen,
Translation Service Manager,
Castrén & Snellman
“We reduce our costs by being more productive with GroupShare. Using GroupShare allows simultaneous sharing of assets. This helps to achieve high quality translation in a shorter turnaround time.”
Mark Cheetham,
Swiss Global
"Babel DGT recommends that its clients use SDL Trados GroupShare because it provides stronger security as well as making collaboration easier. By offering secure access to centrally held files, it eliminates the need for insecure and inefficient sharing by email. GroupShare improves security further by also automatically revoking permissions once a translator has finished working on a file."
Rodrigo Vasquez,
Babel DGT