Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages are available for use with AdaptiveMT?

When I’m using one of the supported language pairs, are all regional variants supported? E.g. can I translate from English (UK) to Spanish (Mexico)?

Yes, all regional variants are supported.

Can AdaptiveMT engines be shared (and how)?

AdaptiveMT engines can be shared by using an API key. This means that other users can access your SDL Language Cloud account by logging in using this key. Log in to your SDL Language Cloud account here to create a new API key in the ‘Integrations’ area.

Do I have to pay extra for AdaptiveMT?

If you have purchased a new license or an upgrade to SDL Trados Studio 2017 or SDL Trados Studio 2019, you will get one free AdaptiveMT engine and a free volume of 400,000 machine translation characters per month. If you would like to purchase additional AdaptiveMT engines or more volume, contact your local sales representative or upgrade your SDL Language Cloud subscription. Click here to see the packages available.

I already store my translations in my TM, why do I need AdaptiveMT?

A translation memory (TM) stores your own translations and offers them for reuse when similar content needs to be translated again. TMs can offer exact matches or fuzzy matches, but these are based on similarity with approved translations. AdaptiveMT is designed to be used when there is no TM match. It learns from your post-edits so that MT output is specific to your terminology, style, syntax and content. This means that MT mistakes will not need to be corrected over and over again and will significantly reduce MT post-editing time for when there is no TM match.

Is my content safe with Language Cloud Machine Translation?

SDL does not share customer data with any 3rd party entities or any affiliations.  SDL only uses customer data to extract statistical information to improve that specific customer's AdaptiveMT engine. SDL does not use customer data for anything else without the customer's consent. For more information, please refer to the SDL Language Cloud Terms & Conditions.

Do I need a Language Cloud subscription to use AdaptiveMT?

Yes, AdaptiveMT engines are cloud-based. This will mean you will need to set up a Language Cloud account to use AdaptiveMT. When you first open SDL Trados Studio you will be prompted to do this through a wizard if you do not already have an existing Language Cloud account. Alternatively, you can set up your Language Cloud account by visiting: You can sign up using your SDL ID that you set up when purchasing your Studio license.