SDL’s Navy Enterprise Subscription License Agreement (NESL)

Navy Enterprise Subscription License (NESL)

De implementatie van de SDL Contenta Publishing Suite met gebruik van een Navy Enterprise Subscription License Agreement (NESL) leverde het Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock een reductie van de totale eigendomskosten op voor het maken, beheren en distribueren van de technische gegevens van NAVSEA voor de Amerikaanse (onder)zeevloot. 

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Voordelen van NESL

  • Helpt de Amerikaanse marine bij het realiseren van de Rationalization, Reduction and Centralization Strategy 
  • Staat op de FAM-lijst en is goedgekeurd door het DADMS 
  • Integraal onderdeel van het Standard NAVSEA Integrated Publishing Process (SNIPP) 
  • Geeft ALLE marineprogramma's en -contractanten toegang tot standaard goedgekeurde en geautoriseerde technologieën voor contentmanagement, CSDB, publicatie en IETM-generatie en -levering 
  • Ondersteunt marine-initiatieven 
  • Gehoste toegang en eerstelijnsondersteuning door NAVSEA PHL 
  • Autorisatie voor implementatie op externe sites op basis van specifieke programmavereisten 
  • Ondersteuning voor S1000D en verouderde Navy MIL-standaarden

Standard NAVSEA Integrated Publishing Process (SNIPP)

The NESL agreement also directly supports the Standard NAVSEA Integrated Publishing Process (SNIPP), which all NAVSEA organizations are required to use. 

NESL and SNIPP deliver: 

  • Streamlined ability to meet mission objectives 
  • Common/repeatable processes across Navy 
  • Standardized applications/data repositories 
  • Data Integration across authoritative data sources

NESL Webinar

Learn how you can participate in the cost-saving NESL program. Watch this webinar featuring Lou Iuppa, SDL vice president of strategic business development, Aerospace & Defense.

NSWC Hosting Center

NSWC Hosting Center - All support is provided by NSWC PHL, NSWC Hosting Center, which is responsible for all user information and access. 

To access the NSWC PHL hosting center: 

  • User must get an account on NAVLOGTD; this system hosts the databases. Attached are the instructions for requesting an account. 
  • Users will need a DOD-approved certificate (CAC or commercial cert; ORC is the recommended vendor - do not use verisign) and the CITRIX ICA client (which is free and can be downloaded from the CITRIX web site) 
  • When requesting the account it is critical that you list the correct COR for the government. This authorized person must approve your NAVLOGTD account before you can proceed to the next step. You will get a copy of the email sent to COR for tracking purposes. 
  • Once approved, the authorized Navy representative can create your SNIPP account. But, you must first have confirmation that your NAVLOGTD account has been created and they will take it from there. 

If you have any questions about access, go to

S1000D Training for Navy Programs

Navy resources or contractors supporting Navy programs who participate in the NESL program may request tailored for their S1000D implementation. Training is provided on Navy policies, production procedures and best practices using the Portable Education Training Module (PEM). 

If you desire training to support your US Navy program, please email us with your request for PEM availability.

Remote Sites

Any users outside of an NSWC Hosting Center are considered a Remote Site User, and are not counted as users within the authorized HOSTING center. 

  • Remote Sites select a NESL package based on the number of named users – each package represents a Tier – “Small, Medium, Large, X-Large” Program 
  • Remote Sites pay a one-time Remote Site fee to SDL 
  • Remote Site users are authorized to support a single Navy Program per package purchased 
  • - NSWC PHL is the only authorized Hosting Center 
  • - Hosting of Multiple Navy Programs on a single server is NOT authorized 
  • All Remote Sites are required to purchase and maintain a direct maintenance contract with SDL 
  • An Implementation service package must be purchased from SDL 
  • Each Remote Site is required to implement a best practices configuration including production, development and test servers 
  • - 'Small Programs' are authorized for Production/Development Instance 
  • Additional Fees are required for additional servers 
  • Additional Annual Fees are required to add users beyond the Max Named users 
  • - The minimum named-users with maintenance Add-on Pack for Small, Medium NESL Remote Sites is a 5-Pack 
  • - The minimum named-users with maintenance for Add-on Pack for Large, X-Large NESL Remote Sites is a 10-Pack 
  • A remote site will pay difference when moving from one program tier to the next 
  • LiveContent Delivery Server (On-Line IETP Delivery) for Remote Site is available as an option for an additional fee