Secure, Powerful Machine Translation for the Global Enterprise

In this guide, you will learn the history and rise of Machine Translation (MT), why secure MT is needed when handling sensitive or confidential information, and the value you gain when using SDL Enterprise Translation Server (SDL ETS) for secure and powerful MT. 

SDL ETS offers client managed MT that can be available for on-premises, private cloud, or virtual private cloud (AWS Marketplace), keeping sensitive data safe and secure within an organization’s network. Additionally, SDL ETS is a scalable and cost-effective MT solution to address the growing volume of content requiring instant translation in the global enterprise.

After being used in the government space for over 15 years, SDL ETS is now a commercial product to meet the needs of the modern, multilingual enterprise. Providing a turnkey experience for deploying MT behind the corporate firewall, enterprises gain a powerful MT service, once economically viable and scalable only with a third-party cloud service.

For more information, please visit the Machine Translation and the SDL Enterprise Translation Server pages.