Marketing Agencies: How that next campaign can (and must!) deliver more

In a digital age in which marketing teams are under extreme pressure to continuously shift the dial on acquisition and conversion rates, both Marketing Agencies and internal marketing teams need to optimize every element of their communication strategy so that campaigns really speak to international target markets, anywhere in the world. 

The reality? Delivering effective global campaigns that speak locally can be hard work. Managing all the moving parts of your campaign as well as handling the responsibility of localization can be time consuming and costly, unless handled effectively. 

Watch our on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How to deliver effective local and global campaigns
  • How to handle the balance of translation cost vs. quality in your international campaigns
  • The campaign elements and content you should prioritize in your international campaigns
  • Who handles translation responsibility? Marketing Agency vs. Clients
  • Key questions you need to ask your translation partners to make sure you’re getting the best quality translation