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SDL Contenta S1000D increases the productivity of technical authors, editors and publishers in the creation, management and delivery of technical documentation. SDL Contenta S1000D utilizes a Common Source Data Base (CSDB) with an object-oriented architecture that facilitates content reuse, providing higher content accuracy along with lower production costs. Content management, simultaneous publishing of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals/Publications (IETMs/IETPs) and PDF can be accomplished by using the complete Contenta Publishing Suite or through purchase of individual companion products, such as SDL LiveContent S1000D and SDL XML Professional Publisher (XPP). 

Changes in technology, the complexity of new and existing products, evolving government requirements, and key market drivers are increasing the need for businesses to adopt S1000D. SDL offers the training and consulting tools you need to realize all the benefits of S1000D. Comprehensive, multi-level product training for users of SDL Contenta as well as trainers, project managers, administrators and programmers.

SDL Contenta S1000D Fundamentals

This course covers all of the tools and functions available with Contenta S1000D and involving the Common Source Database. The following topics will be cover: Contenta user interface; editing modules; validating references; working in projects; publishing; uploading data; building publication modules; creating data exchange packages; creating modules and templates.

SDL Contenta S1000D Administration

This course is for Contenta administrators and those responsible for configuring and managing the CSDB. It is useful for system/server administrators and developers involved in the production workflow. The course will cover the following topics: creating user accounts; creating custom toolboxes; Contenta administration tool; configuring search index/collection; troubleshooting and logs; file system structure.

SDL Live Content S1000D for Developers

This course is targeted to software developers and maintainers who will be involved in the customization of LiveContent S1000D. The course begins by covering the essential layout and configuration of LiveContent S1000D, and the best practices involved in setting up an environment for custom development. It then moves to discussing some of the more common activities in LiveContent S1000D customization involving the use of XSL and JavaScript. The modules progress in a building block manner, using examples and hands-on lab exercises from essentials, through progressively more complex exercises, to exercising the LiveContent S1000D API.
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