Launch software and IT products simultaneously around the world

The complete translation solution for the software and IT industry

Power fast, quality translations of your IT and software products without breaking your budget. In the fiercely-competitive, high-tech world of software and IT, you need a quick, accurate localization solution you can trust. The SDL Software & IT Language Platform reduces time-to-market by up to 50% and reduces costs by as much as 40%.

Sim-ship products globally

Accelerate your global content creation and delivery.

Support international customers

Deliver support content and live chat in local languages.

Reduce translation costs

Reuse approved translations and reduce manual tasks.
The SDL Software & IT Language Platform is a fully-integrated solution designed to reduce the cost and remove the complexity from creating international content.

Software localization and testing

Accelerate the production of software for international markets by effectively managing processes and workflows. A complete set of software localization tools and services allow you to follow industry best practice for version and quality control. Support agile development processes such as Scrum and test your finished products with our full suite of internationalization, functional and linguistic testing at one of our dedicated test labs.

Documentation translation

Translate large volumes of supporting content such as user manuals, service briefs, product descriptions and websites. Now you can unify the translation supply chain and maximize automation to drive out cost and translate more content than ever before. Use machine translation customized to your content plus specially trained post-editors in a single integrated solution to translate much higher volumes at much lower costs than pure human workflows.

Multilingual product support

Improve the customer experience while reducing costs by enabling your support agents to communicate with customers across any language using machine translation chat and email services. Allow existing, skilled support staff to answer and resolve issues from international customers whatever their respective languages. Responses are then translated at near real-time speed.

End-to-end platform

Streamline internal translation processes and ensure the highest quality of your content with a fully-centralized, end-to-end translation platform. Flexible workflows and system integration using APIs give you full control of the software and documentation translation lifecycle, improving your quality, consistency and speed to market.

Flexible adoption

Adapt your solution to grow with your business needs, providing you with the highest level of flexibility. Whether you want to adopt a completely outsourced solution with SDL or manage the localization process in-house, we have the right solution for you.