Recorded Webinar: Accelerating eDiscovery with Secure Translation Automation

Scale translations to support eSurveillance and eDiscovery

Reacting to regulatory or criminal investigations creates enormous strain on the resources of a company – especially in identifying, translating and presenting content as evidence. 

In this recording, you will learn how automating the content translation process can accelerate your preparedness and even move you from a reactive eDiscovery model to a proactive eSurveillance model. 

Discover how we can assist you to: 

  • Better understand the multilingual content challenge as it relates to investigations. 
  • Automate translation of cross-border content to accelerate access to document detail. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing technology to streamline eDiscovery. 
  • Reduce risk by moving from a reactive model to a proactive model. 

Connect with us to discuss how we can accelerate your transition to automation at scale, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.