SDL is a founding member of the iiRDS Consortium

iiRDS is the International Standard for Intelligent Information Request and Delivery, enabling dynamic information request and delivery in the era of the Internet of Things, Smart Factories and Industrie 4.0. 

This standard opens up new methods of advanced technical communication. Having technical documentation in the form of a handbook can become outdated, as does the procedure of looking for actual information in thousands of pages of documentation. iiRDS replaces that procedure with tiny information bits containing just the information needed at the very moment in the exact use case. 

As an active member of iiRDS, SDL plays a contributing role in development and adoption of this standard. With SDL Tridion Docs, a DITA-based component content management system (CCMS), SDL has demonstrated global leadership by taking advantage of DITA as a global standard that simplifies complexity in content creation, translation and management. iiRDS as a new standard focusing on the request and delivery of content and enables manufacturers to deliver on-demand information to their customers and customers to request information from different suppliers and sources. iiRDS helps to make content smart by assigning information intelligence like channels, use cases and information requesters such as a person, a chat bot or voice assistant.

iiRDS Members
To read more about SDL’s motivation to support the iiRDS consortium and the new standard and what members want to achieve, our very own Joe Pairman, SDL Tridion Docs Product Manager, answers five questions as part of iiRDS’ interview series. Here you will learn about their visions for the standard for intelligent delivery of user information and how companies are preparing for the imminent upheaval of Industrie 4.0.