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Increase productivity with SDL's dedicated translation solutions

Efficient translation within government departments is central to managing the ever-growing volume of content needing to be translated. Human translators are key, but without the right tools to help increase their productivity, it can be difficult to meet the demand. 

To support global outreach, translators and language professionals can utilize technology to aid in the language translation process — and improve both quality and efficiency. Additionally, our market-leading software integrates with other SDL solutions ensuring the transferring of content to and from translators and intelligence workers is seamless and secure.

Increase the efficiency of your department's translations with SDL Trados Studio

Give your translation team the power to complete projects more quickly and easily, with greater efficiency and accuracy. SDL Trados Studio offers a complete translation environment that enables language professionals to leverage translation memory (TM), terminology databases and machine translation (MT), as well as edit, review and manage translation projects. SDL Trados Studio is a Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software solution that easily integrates with translation management workflow systems (TMS).

Easily manage your department's terminology with SDL MultiTerm

Effectively manage your terminology across content, languages and channels with SDL MultiTerm. Store and manage terminology and share it with all those involved in applying terminology across your entire department, ensuring consistent and high-quality content from source through to translation.

Streamline workloads and reduce manual tasks with SDL Trados GroupShare

Increase the efficiency of your department's translation team through centralized and secure access to translation memories, termbases and projects using SDL Trados GroupShare, a real-time collaboration solution. 

Hosted on your premises for the highest level of security, SDL Trados GroupShare provides bespoke levels of access and rights to the files being translated, together with integrated dashboards for you to view the progress of each project.

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Experience the power of the world's leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) software with a free 30-day trial of SDL Trados Studio 2019.

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