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SDL Solutions for Asset Managers

Gaining Competitive Advantage

Providing accurate, culturally-adapted, compliant and digitally-ready content for potential investors, not only drives competitive advantage but helps asset managers meet local market regulations and changing investors’ demands. However, no matter what type of content you are producing, it is not always a simple process and the challenges for asset managers are the same: 

  • How can we produce content quickly, to budget, across multiple languages and channels? 
  • How can we make sure that what we produce is of a high quality , meaningful and retains our company brand? 
  • How can we manage the multiple stakeholders who need to input into the process? 
  • How can we take advantage of machine translation in repetitive processes? 
  • … and finally, how can we connect all the dots? 

SDL has been helping asset managers produce fund content for 25 years, making content creation, translation and delivery easier, and giving asset managers that competitive edge and peace of mind.

Donnelley Language Solutions and SDL Join Forces

SDL Solutions for Fund Management

SDL offers a new approach to fund content production. By combining the best of digital content management, machine translation, language technology and service delivery, asset managers can capitalize on global market opportunities faster than ever before. SDL can help the world’s leading financial services companies with:
Secure agile modular

Secure, agile, modular solutions:

  • Enable regulatory compliance 
  • Reduce exposure to financial penalties 
  • Reach and capture global audiences faster 
  • Manage complexity and drive business value 
  • Enhance a global brand by speaking consistently to larger audiences
MultiLingual Content

Multilingual, content of any kind:

  • Compliance and regulatory 
  • Sales enablement, editorial and thought leadership 
  • Website and digital content 
  • Brand, advertising and multimedia 
  • Financial reporting 
  • Investor Relations, PR and crisis communications
Technology that connects

Technology that Connects the Dots

  • Technology stores all fund-related content in the same, central location 
  • Over 100 ready-built connectors, connecting fund content between departments and external data providers 
  • Risk reduction enhances with immediate audit trail 
  • Content quality and consistency 
  • Speed-to-market

Creating and Delivering Fund Content

Connected Fund Content Workflows
High Volume Publishing for Funds
Machine Translation for High Volume Content
Integrated Content Consultancy for Funds
Connected fund content workflows

Connected Fund Content Workflows

SDL MultiTrans is the gateway to SDL; a technology platform with fund-specific workflows. All fund related content is securely received and stored, it is managed, updated and reused, whatever the content type and business use, within the same central platform. Fund content can be accessed, and updated or exchanged with other systems via API. SDL MultiTrans stores vast libraries of fund content in every language, and activity can be audited and reported on for compliance purposes, as it is all stored and managed within the same platform. This means that all stakeholders in a content journey can access and review their content through SDL MultiTrans.
High Volume Publishing for funds

High Volume Publishing for Funds

Asset managers can navigate the constantly changing regulatory landscape with SDL content publishing workflows. SDL provides high volume, multilingual structured content tools, integrated with specialist human and machine translation, to manage regulatory content for financial statements, prospectuses, KIID and PRIIPs KIDs. Our publishing workflows support all multilingual outputs, and are integrated with all other fund related content in SDL MultiTrans. SDL publishing workflows can receive and exchange fund data from specialist third party data providers via multiple API connectors. 

SDL regulatory publishing for asset managers enables accurate, timely and secure compliance with fund regulations from UCITS and MIFID II to GDPR.

High Volume Machine Translation

Machine Translation for High Volume Content

SDL is a global leader in machine translation, and our machine translation engines are secure, allowing them to be integrated with our fund workflows. This allows us to produce increasingly impressive output quality, in a growing number of language pairs. What’s more, our engines can be stored and integrated with SDL MultiTrans, in addition to specialist third party data providers. Machine translation is particularly applicable to our high volume publishing tools for PRIIPs KIIDs and for highly repetitive compliance content. Our solution can also be combined with human post-editing services.
Integrated content consultancy

Integrated Content Consultancy for Funds

Reaching investors in new markets is a key revenue driver for asset managers. Speaking to global audiences in the right way is part of an asset manager’s brand. Yet producing high quality, culturally adapted fund content, that is both compliant and an effective sales tool, is one of the most difficult areas of global content production for asset managers. SDL’s Marketing Solutions advise on fund content operating practices to ensure optimum outcomes. SDL provides full service, in-house consultancy for all fund content channels and media. From brand and advertising, transcreation and multilingual copyediting, to content strategy and creative services. Whether we work on a fund launch, a global fund advertising roll out, or thought leadership for multiple markets, all content is supported by SDL technology tools and can be integrated into fund enterprise workflows.

Our Promise

We’ll help you gain a competitive advantage. Gain access to our content series for Asset Managers.

Why Choose SDL for Asset Management Content:

  • Trusted by 9 of the top 10 global investment management groups 
  • Specialist provider for the asset management industry 
  • Full control of the content ecosystem from creation to multilingual publication 
  • The world’s largest team of dedicated in-house translators 
  • Full-service support with a global project team of asset management industry specialists 
  • Industry leading technology, developed with, and for the asset management industry
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