Deliver relevant eCommerce content

Language solutions for a superior digital shopping experience

Deliver exceptional customer experiences across every step of the buying journey. SDL eCommerce Language Platform enables you to translate all types of online content to make every interaction in the customer buying journey multilingual.

Easily translate websites

Take your eCommerce site global.

Control your global brand

Ensure brand consistency with centralized terminology.

Optimize international SEO

Increase your search rankings worldwide.
The SDL eCommerce Language Platform is a fully-integrated solution designed to remove the complexity and cost from creating international content.

High-speed translations

Translate and publish new product descriptions and promotions at the speed of eCommerce. The SDL eCommerce Language Platform integrates with multiple content platforms to accelerate updates to your web and eCommerce sites.

Search experience optimization

Ensure you achieve maximize visibility across the most popular search engines for each of your key geographies. It’s not enough to translate a few key words to ensure your product listings pop to the top of customer searches. Our in-depth SEO technology and services can boost your rankings.

Multilingual customer reviews

Extend the reach of your brand and support new market entries by translating reviews into multiple languages. Online reviews can sway purchasing decisions so use machine translation tailored to your industry to translate your reviews in real-time and share them across regions and languages.
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Centralized localization

Bring all translation processes and tools together in a central solution to automate and streamline the globalization process. Translate large volumes of content including websites, product brochures, transactional info and reviews so you can effectively target global markets in the most efficient, fast manner possible.

Multilingual chat

Support customers in any language using fast, affordable machine translation capabilities that enable your staff to talk to the world. Customers can correspond in their own local language, while service agents then see any communication in their primary language. Responses are then translated at near real-time speed.

Flexible, scalable solution

Outsource your entire translation solution or centrally manage multiple language service providers or in-house teams – the choice is yours. The SDL eCommerce Language Platform is designed to grow with your requirements and flex for your current needs.