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Calculate your DTP cost savings

Desktop publishing (DTP) has been around since the early 1980s and the basic workflow based on this traditional publishing is still in wide use. Because DTP was based on very manually-intensive publishing methods, it still requires more staff and time for post-translation, corrective-formatting than modern structured authoring. 

DITA-based authoring can virtually eliminate DTP costs. Today you can significantly cut publishing time and cost by migrating from DTP to structured authoring and SDL Tridion Docs. 

The simple calculator below lets you swiftly determine how much cost overhead you can eliminate from your technical content projects by using SDL Tridion Docs. Please note that the 20% of project cost for DTP in this calculator is actually a conservative estimate: with poorly formed Word documents, DTP costs before and after translation can be as high as 35-40% of total project cost.

DTP savings ROI

Determine the amount of DTP costs you can eliminate from your projects

The total number of languages should also include the source language.

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