The Five Future States of Content

AI and Machine Learning will transform your organization’s content.

The Five Future States of Content eBook

Content makes the digital world go round. The ways you reach and connect with customers are all based on content. The challenge is keeping up with content demand – and finding better ways to create, translate and deliver your messages to global markets. 

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) make self-creating and organizing content an exciting reality. Linguistic AI can be applied to content, and those sources can be used to automatically create blogs, social posts, emails, web copy and other short summaries. Linguistic AI can help create content derivatives, amplify messages to market and simply the ways you reach a global audience. 

Here at SDL, we see a future where AI will become one of the most powerful tools in your content toolkit. Download The Five Future States of Content – A Year in Review eBook to learn how our predictions for the future of content are already becoming a reality.

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