SDL Instant Translation for Salesforce Live Agent

Connect with your global customer base in their language

Speak your customer’s language with SDL Instant Translation for Salesforce Live Agent

As a global company, you provide support to customers who speak many different languages in many different regions of the world. Improve your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty by communicating directly in their language when they seek help. 

To offer your customers the best support experience, you need to have subject matter experts on staff and predict when your customers might need them. This uncertainty may lead to understaffing or overstaffing. SDL Instant Translation can help you solve this problem and connect the subject matter experts you already have on staff to your customers regardless of the language they speak. 

Using SDL Instant Translation, your agents can translate all necessary communications directly in Live Agent, successfully addressing customer requests even if they don’t speak the language. This allows your team to support more customers with no additional staff. As a result you can improve response times, limit a customer wait times, and increase the pool of customers addressed by your support teams.

Key Benefits

Understand your customers

  • Keep your customers happy by addressing their questions and needs in their own language, with high-quality, in context, real-time communication 
  • Extend your brand and customer experience using your Salesforce Live Agent support

Save money

  • Use your existing support staff and respond to your customers immediately 
  • Save the expense of hiring costly multilingual employees 
  • Utilize pre-translated versions of the Quick Text phrases to minimize call volume

Leverage leading language technology

  • Connect with your entire customer base by translating in more than 100 language pairs 
  • Process unlimited volumes of words instantly with a high level of accuracy

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