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CSR Staff Endeavors 2015

San Jose embrace spirit of giving

SanJose_TeamPicColleagues in SDL’s San Jose office were delighted to get into the gift giving spirit over the holiday season. San Jose colleagues partnered with the Family Giving Tree, a charity that provides holiday gifts to low income children, families and individuals in the local community. 
Some colleagues purchased gifts that were on a child’s wish list and six colleagues and one spouse volunteered their time for a three-hour shift to help sort and wrap holiday gifts the charity had collected during its holiday wish drive. In total the Family Giving Tree delivered over 70,000 gifts during the holiday season!

SDL Slovenia are little stars

anas_little_starThe Cerebral Palsy Association Slovenia (Sonček) became a beneficiary when SDL Slovenia answered its request for donations to help send children to a summer camp. The charity was so grateful for the donation that it even sent a nice thank you letter to colleagues. 
Another charity SDL Slovenia has supported is The Slovenia Association of Friends of Youth (ZPMS). Since 2013, SDL’s Slovenia colleagues have bought 20 wall calendars a year from ZPMS enabling the charity to buy underprivileged children and their families school supplies, clothing, food and to raise funds to help the families with their bills.
Always looking for a way to help those less fortunate than themselves, SDL Slovenia colleagues also help charities in other ways; such as the time one colleague, Slobodan Lukić asked the office to donate $5 to Ana’s Little Star instead of buying a birthday gift. Ana’s Little Star collects and provides food to families or individuals who have lost their jobs and cannot afford to buy food regularly so all the donations were very gratefully received.

Helping out with a spot of hiking!

FranceEndeavoursWhen Mathilde Bouvier, a translator in our France office, was granted two days leave to participate in charity work for an organisation that works with disabled people, she leapt at the chance.
During her two days, Mathilde took part in a hiking trip, in which she helped to pull the ‘joëlettes’, specially equipped all-terrain wheelchairs, up the hill and assisted when people needed a hand. Mathilde also worked in the kitchen, gave support to people in need of bathroom facilities, and even helped out with a spot of speleology – caving! With the support of a local speleology club, Mathilde helped disabled participants through caves.
All participants took part in the outdoor activities, with abled-bodied participants helping the less able whenever needed.

Sticking with tradition

banhchungTwelve of our Vietnam colleagues worked for half a day recently to make traditional sticky rice cakes (Bánh chưng) for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tết). The event was run by a charity that makes the cakes for families who can’t afford to buy them. Bánh chưng are made traditionally from glutinous rice, mung beans, pork and other ingredients, and eating them on the occasion of Tết is a Vietnamese tradition.

The icing on the cake

Bakesale_smallA huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the Bake Sale organised to raise money for the BBC’s Comic Relief. The annual ‘Red Nose Day’ charity raises money to help transform the lives of millions of people in the UK and across Africa. The target at SDL’s Maidenhead office was to raise £250, but thanks to such delicious home made delights as Clementine Tissier’s Banana and Almond cake (voted the overall winner on the day!), the actual amount raised was £300. As a testament to how good the cakes were, every single cake made was sold out.
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