From Manual to Autonomous, The Future of the Content Supply Chain

Global companies grapple with the complexities of creating, translating, and delivering content to every customer, in every language, across all channels. For many, this process is entirely too manual, time-consuming, and costly. The secret to streamlining the content supply chain can be found in a new, more holistic approach to content. Cruce Saunders, founder of [A] -, is the author of 'Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World'. His team provides cutting-edge content consulting to some of the largest companies in the world. He looks to the power of the [A] Content Intelligence Framework, AI, and a new operating model for content to transform and automate the content supply chain. 

This opening keynote will investigate: 

  • The current state of enterprise content, and emerging content creation trends 
  • The patterns that enable personalization at scale, across proliferating channels including chatbots, voice assistants, AR/VR, and IoT devices 
  • Publishing transformations happening today: how technology, people, and process work together to create new futures, structures, and teams to evolve in the face of constant change

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