Global Understanding - Part 2

Companies want to reach new customers and keep existing customers happy. In today’s always-on, always-connected reality that means more immersive digital experiences. But increasingly those experiences have to do more than merely engage on a surface level. They need to understand exactly what the customer wants, why they want it, and even anticipate future needs. That’s a tall order for any online interaction, and language adds yet another level of complexity. To understand and deliver what customers truly want at any given moment, companies have to invest in intelligent ecosystems. In this keynote, Adolfo Hernandez, CEO of SDL, will explore how both Intelligent Content and Intelligent Translation, play a vital role in delivering global understanding. He will show how they impact a company’s content supply chain, and what you can do today to infuse intelligence into your entire content ecosystem. And as always, he’ll also review our recent accomplishments, share some exciting announcements, and preview SDL’s strategy for the future.

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