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SDL Enterprise Machine Translation Expert Webinar Series

A customizable enterprise-grade Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engine will learn the terminology of your business to provide higher quality translations in the right context and with the right tone. Unlike generic online MT services, an owned enterprise MT engine keeps all data secure and private and allows organizations to continually improve the engine over time by training it with the organization’s specific domain translations for optimal subsequent output. 

SDL has identified the top ten MT use cases with amazing results, based on client implementation of SDL Enterprise MT, a solution proven to deliver real business value. Each webinar in this SDL Enterprise MT Expert Webinar Series drills down into each of the ten use cases, also documented in this SDL white paper. Our expert SDL speakers have over 15 years of experience delivering customized MT solutions for large enterprises. 

The webinar series includes:

February 2018MT Use Case #1: Secure Communication and Collaboration
March 2018MT Use Case #2: eDiscovery and Corporate Governance
May 2018MT Use Case #3: Real-time Multilingual Chat
June 2018MT Use Case #4: Global Technical Support Community and Forum
July 2018MT Use Case #5: Customer Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis
August 2018MT Use Case #6: eCommerce Portals
September 2018MT Use Case #7: Online Travel Sites
October 2018MT Use Case #8: Global Warranty Claims
November 2018MT Use Case #9: Global eLearning
December 2018MT Use Case #10: Government Agencies and Local Services

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