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The Global Marketer’s Blueprint

A global marketing strategy increases your competitiveness in existing and new markets. Look beyond translation to content with local impact.

Marketers who understand the nuances of local cultures, trends and expectations, are often the most successful at crafting memorable customer experiences with the added benefit of increased value through internal efficiencies.

This paper offers a 10-point blueprint to guide you through the process:

  • Adopt a complete global marketing solution
  • Create consistent content & information architectures
  • Localize your global SEO
  • Globalize your mobile marketing strategy
  • Remember video, visuals & transcreation
  • Translate your user-generated content
  • Add language support strategically
  • Determine the right translation method
  • Reduce the complexity of globalization
  • Monitor, measure & multiply

We hope you gain new insights and direction and find this eBook valuable as you plan your path forward.

Global Marketer Blueprint