Secure Machine Translation Helps Minimize Inherent Business Risks for Global Technology Giant

As companies go global, communicating effectively and securely with international employees, partners and customers in their native languages becomes critical to business success.

Recently, many public online Machine Translation (MT) services have sprung up to help companies achieve multilingual communication. However, when corporate information leaves the company network for a public online MT service, the potential exists for confidential information to be exposed.

With this concern and other business considerations in mind, a large publicly traded global technology company began looking into a secure machine translation solution.

SDL, a provider of secure machine translation solutions, helped the company achieve their goals using its Secure Machine Translation system, an enterprise-grade tool that helps companies gain consistency in translation while reducing the risks of data exposure.

Download the latest white paper from International Data Corporation (IDC) to see how SDL created a flexible, efficient translation business service that reduces the risks of data exposure.