We think ‘Full Control’, but we do ‘Fool Control’

Now, don’t get defensive. We’ve all done it. We all complain to ourselves (and anyone else who will listen) that if it weren’t for us keeping a lid on things, herding cats, pushing water uphill with a rake etc. that nothing would get done. Right up until that moment we accept that we are in fact being busy fools. A revelation usually brought on by the realization that a better, simpler way has been staring us in the face. We’ve just been too busy to see it.

When it comes to translation and localisation who are we talking about? It’s not big businesses with their sophisticated processes and technologies. The scale and volume of their operations demand that they find smarter ways. It’s you, the content managers in small and mid-sized businesses, who are suffering.

The problem is this: on the one hand you’re growing into new markets using more sophisticated media than ever before. On the other hand, the tools and processes you’re using to do this are so 1990’s… email trails, file attachments and telephone chase-ups… With the rest of the world and your business going agile and smart it’s time your translation and localisation process caught up.

That’s precisely why we created the SDL Managed Translation platform. Full control for people who refuse to be busy fools any longer.

Now, from a single screen, you can instantly and easily create, approve, track and manage all your translation projects in one place. No more email trails, no more juggling projects and, more importantly, no more missing deadlines or staggering campaign launches. We’ve even built in translation memory so you save as you go.

So, cats herded, water flowing downhill, an automatic lid on everything… and more time for the things that count.

Get started with SDL Managed Translation and take full control today.