Why Having Translation Capabilities Embedded in is Exciting News for Global Marketing Teams

As a global marketing leader who manages a team distributed over 3 continents, understanding the impact of our activity and results across 13+ countries is essential. By the nature of our business our clients have a global footprint so marketing in silos is not an option, we need to be joint up around the world and have a true understanding of our customers on a global scale. As a team we all speak a common language but when it comes to data analysis and understanding the information that is stored in (our CRM system) it’s a different story. As for many companies, Asian languages are a particular challenge because we input company, customer names, titles and notes using local characters. This is essential so that everyone in those countries can understand the information and automated communication is provided in the right language. But as an English only speaker this poses a big challenge in analysing pipeline opportunities, campaign responses and overall marketing activity because I am not able to read the information provided by the local sales teams.

How do we currently address this problem? We cut and paste information out of into for an automatic translation.  Although this gives us the information needed, moving between one application and another slows things down and in the fast passed world of marketing that’s never a good thing.

Here at SDL we have just launched SDL Global Team for Salesforce, built on our SDL Language Cloud platform it provides embedded translation capabilities within  I am genuinely thrilled about how this is going to make life easier for global marketing teams and the impact it will have on me and my team to help with collaboration and the all-important access to actionable information.

View the SDL global team  videoto see how it works

Here are the big benefits that I see:

  • Instant understanding of data stored in local languages Now everyone around the world will have instant access to information regardless of what language it is written in
  • Greater insight into essential sales and marketing information We will be able to better action information on win/loss analysis, account notes, campaign feedback, support information and more
  • Better collaboration between global teams Seeing all information at a glance for global accounts and prospects will provide a more joint up and informed approach to marketing activity
  • Closer relationships for marketing and sales Greater access to information and sharing that across all regions will ensure sales and marketing have a common view and shared goals
  • Better customer experience The better the information we have on our customers means that we can properly target and personalize the experience that they have with SDL

Download the SDL Global Team via Salesforce AppExchange or visit our website for further information.