SDL fuelling the ‘Salesforce Economy’

When SDL first started working with Salesforce, we knew this was the beginning of an exciting new partnership that was going to help fuel businesses of all sizes around the world. So we were not surprised to read the new research from IDC that reveals the ‘Salesforce Economy’ of partners and customers will create 1.9 million jobs and $389 billion in GDP worldwide over the next five years. We’re delighted to contribute to this growing economy as we enable businesses to Go Global Faster via Salesforce.

Our apps, available on the AppExchange, are embedded within the Salesforce platform and help drive the Salesforce Economy by bridging the language gap for sales, support and marketing.

Being part of the Salesforce ecosystem has also been of great benefit to SDL, where we’ve been able to learn from other Salesforce partners as well as from the Salesforce team themselves. We worked closely with Salesforce to identify pain points faced by businesses around the world and developed Apps dedicated to resolving those issues.

One such example is our SDL Global Team app. Everyday a huge volume of valuable content passes through Salesforce without being shared with colleagues due to language barriers. These virtual language silos prevent collaboration and the optimisation of global content and customer information. The SDL Global Team app allows businesses to unlock that data, making global translation available in real time, on demand from within Salesforce. There is no need to cut and paste and no need to leave the Salesforce platform.

Another example is our SDL Managed Translation app which is being unveiled at Dreamforce 2016. This app is embedded directly within the Salesforce platform and allows users to select and send Knowledge Articles, Document Attachments, and Notes Records from Salesforce to SDL for translation. Translated content is automatically returned into Salesforce as new localised records and documents.

Our customers love the simplicity of having the apps embedded within their Salesforce platform and the fact that they are ‘lightening’, ready meaning they can access them anytime, anywhere. They also love the fact that it enables them to optimise the return on their investment in Salesforce.

So as the pace of change accelerates in our digital world, driven by increasing connectivity and data intelligence (with the IoT and AI leading the way), the need for businesses to grow globally will increase exponentially. We’re excited to be continuing our work with Salesforce in fuelling the Salesforce Economy.

See you at Dreamforce!