How to Easily Scale your Customer Support with SDL Global Team for Salesforce

“I’m expanding my business rapidly, but one of my blockers is providing support in new regions. I can’t expand my support teams at the same rate as I’m entering new markets, but I know how important it is to be able to support and communicate effectively with my new customers around the world."

This demonstrates the chicken-and-egg problem of expanding support teams into local languages prior to launching into those regions giving the best customer experience, or vice-versa with less upfront investment. That is, there’s a huge investment implicit in, for example, building up a multilingual European support centre to support a launch for a company currently servicing North American customers. Another dimension is the relative cost of email/online cases and phone/chat based cases. The former is a lost less costly than phone based support. 

So the ideal situation would be to be able to service these new markets from your existing monolingual support and drive more cases to email or online, right? Right! 

The SDL Global Team for Salesforce app enables this by making global translation available in real time, on demand from within Salesforce. Available in the AppExchange, this app provides instant translation of any foreign language content simply by highlighting and hovering over the text. There is no need to cut and paste, and no need to leave the Salesforce platform. You can instantly understand the problems your customers are facing so your agents can triage, troubleshoot and resolve them, and then respond to the customer in their own language.


This is a very simplistic case as I’ve described it – you have an English speaking service centre and want to expand your service to further regions of new customers without having to hire speakers of all those languages. In more complex real-life situations, Global Team can offer benefits in many more ways… 

Other benefits

  • Reduce wait time in a multilingual service centre by having the option to route cases to an English speaker when availability of native speakers is limited.
  • When troubleshooting a fix, allow all of your global subject matter experts to update actions on the case in their own language. When content is written in the author’s own native language it will be the richest, most accurate and unambiguous. The reader then simply translates the text as they read it using Global Team.
  • Enable a follow-the-sun support scenario where cases are passed from Asia to Europe to North America for example to more quickly deal with critical and high priority cases. Again, content authored in the user’s native language will be more precise than if they are translating as they go. This is critical, especially when dealing with complex and technical issues. 

So this is great, we can now understand what our customers need help with, whatever language they’re raising their cases in. But Global Team will also work in reverse. The final piece in the puzzle to deliver great, personalised customer service allows the support agent to translate their outbound communications into the customer’s own language. In real time, right from their Salesforce screen. 

Powered by SDL Language Cloud, Global Team removes the language barrier between you and your customers with on-demand translation in more than 100 language pairs.