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Content is not a Christmas Jumper! Accept no compromises when it comes to quality

Henry Ford once said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking" when referring to his motor company, but I would argue that doing it right-first-time is the real mark of quality. That’s what SDL guarantees when it comes to managing your translation projects. Especially when the whole world is looking to find your business.

In achieving global success, Ford attained a positive reputation by building a foundation on quality products, helpful customer support and a strong brand identity that has been optimised over time, with a local audience in mind. Henry Ford never once compromised on that quality or entrusted his business to amateurs with no local experience. So why do we compromise when it comes to our own business?

When going global with your business and targeting new customers, content translation is easily put off and left to the last minute, often handed down from one employee to another, like a knitted jumper from your gran at Christmas that everyone is too polite to refuse. If that sounds far too familiar, I don’t blame you. I have been known to give away that jumper, usually to a younger sibling (intern) that can’t say no, or a friend across the road (freelance translator) that doesn’t quite understand what they’re getting. It’s not the most glamourous jumper and wearing it often goes unrewarded, but someone has to.

Moving away from the jumper/translation comparison, when you think that 82% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if promotional material is in their own language, maybe it should be at the top of the go-global company checklist, maybe you should be proud to wear that jumper (I couldn’t help it) as the rewards it could bring could boost your profile within the company, as well as your business presence internationally.

That’s exactly why we created the SDL Managed Translation platform. With access to 15,000-plus in-territory translators that don’t just speak a language. They live it. It really is the only way to know for sure that your message will ‘shout’ locally.

From a single screen, you can instantly and easily create, approve, track and manage all your translation projects in one place, and with built in translation memory, you can save money as you bring real and trackable value to your role as a translation superstar.

Get started with SDL Managed Translation and take your role to the next level.