Build your business on solid foundations with SDL Trados GroupShare 2017

Recently, I went through the not so frequent process of deciding whether to upgrade an item of consumer IT hardware that had honestly seen better days. I knew that I needed to upgrade but budget, time and what exactly to upgrade to were all clouding my decision process.

For corporations this purchase dilemma is of course magnified many times over ,when considering a major IT or software purchase in today’s business environment, a number of considerations come into play: what investment do I need, what will be my immediate return, what will be my long term ROI and will the technology scale?

Given the current acceleration in technology developments, these questions are of course all very valid and furthermore need to be matched against constant industry change, localization issues, fluctuating volumes of content and integration with existing and future IT infrastructure. A well-established market solution, SDL Trados GroupShare, already brings a significant number of benefits to any business that needs a secure way to manage and share translation assets with extended and remote teams.

From the 2016 Translation Technology Insights (TTI), an extensive market research initiative conducted by SDL, it was interesting to see that quality of translation was four times more important to corporates than cost, and this is no doubt because of how important good-quality content is to perceptions of the corporate brand.


As companies grow – and become more global – they’re finding it harder to manage translation consistency and quality without good tools to share approved uses of terminology and style among highly distributed colleagues

Additionally, even corporates with large in-house translation departments are finding it increasingly impossible to manage the growing volume of content to be translated. So they need to get better at managing in-house, LSP and freelance translators, giving them many of the same challenges as LSPs.

We also discovered from the 2016 TTI research that in the last 5 years project turnaround times and project frequency have increased dramatically, so the challenges for project managers continue to be magnified.


This is where SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 can really make a difference. With GroupShare 2017 there are a whole host of new features that in particular make the life of the project manager much simpler. Your company benefits from both from an immediate business impact and also the long term business viability; you could say SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 is the ‘rock’ on which you can build the backbone of your translation department

For a full list of all features please see here but some highlights for corporates include:

  • New streamlined and fast user interface: making the user experience simpler and more user friendly
  • A new Project Manager Dashboard: you now have more transparency on the value of your translation team efforts. The rich data supported via the Dashboard now offers clear indications on the top languages, total number of words, number of projects per month as well as words per organisation.
  • Dynamic resource and permissions handling corporate content is safe and secure throughout the content journey due to automatically revoking temporary privileges and resource access.

So as you can see, GroupShare 2017 clearly provides those immediate benefits to any organisation looking to solve the issues above. Once GroupShare is established in an organisation, the benefits can extend beyond the core localisation team into other business functions that are also experiencing the challenges of company growth.

With corporate terminology so important to both translation quality and brand experiences, SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 can also extend the reach of terminology to many more people with two key add on solutions, SDL MultiTerm Online and MultiTerm Workflow:

  • SDL MultiTerm Online provides users with access to termbases that have been published online so everyone from marketing and sales to support and legal has access to the most up to date terminology.
  • SDL MultiTerm Workflow takes terminology access to a whole new level by not only offering a simple and fast look-up tool for your terminology but also providing a workflow solution for the whole company, requesting, voting on, approving, changing, and translating terminology. Managing the entire terminology life cycle becomes possible, eliminating endless discussions, saving time and money and consequently increasing ROI.

Probably the most important consideration for GroupShare is its ability to integrate with existing corporate systems and scale as your business grows.

The previous version of GroupShare already came with an application programming interface (API) that allowed you to plug GroupShare into existing business systems such as ERP and others. However, with GroupShare 2017, the additional powerful REST APIs mean that anything that is possible to do through the website (creating a TM, creating a project, looking up a segment in TM, looking up terminology in MultiTerm Online) is also possible to do via the REST APIs. This will mean that the APIs, besides helping users integrate their systems with GroupShare, will enable all kinds of future apps and use cases thanks to the thriving creativity in the development community.

Overall this means that GroupShare can adapt and work to the way you want and not the other way around, providing that rock to base your translation activities around.

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