A Look Back at 2019

A Look Back at 2019: Helping Our Customers Prepare for a Digital Future

As we come to the end of 2019 and reflect upon the year, I am immensely proud of the achievements of the SDL team. This was another year of transforming our business, which saw investments in both our people and systems, to become more digital-first, to enable our employees to be the best they can be, and to make it easier for our customers to work with us. We’ve received great feedback from you this year, which we truly value, and with it, we’re working to evolve our technology and service capabilities—to become fully integrated, learning better ways to engage with you and striving to be that key enabler driving your success!
At the beginning of the year we released our ‘Enabling the Future States of Content’ report, which called on brands to rethink their current content strategies and to prepare for a digital future where content supply chains are autonomous, machine-first, and human optimized. We see customers struggling with the growing volume and velocity of content, and for them to be able to achieve their business objectives, they need to streamline the handoffs between content creation, translation and delivery. This means embedding machine learning technology throughout the content supply chain and that's where we have been driving innovation with our linguistic AI, which we believe is really going to make the difference.

SDL Connect 2019 - AdolfoWe were excited to welcome many of these customers to our SDL Connect event, in California, where I talked about how we’ll be evolving this technology and what you can expect from us over the next decade to make this autonomous future really come to fruition. 

These are really interesting challenges that you have taken on with us, and we were pleased to show some snippets of the technology that will help get us there, and that they are real in a product, in a service offering, or with a partner near you:

  • SDL Tridion DX that combines the best of SDL’s web content management, structured authoring and enterprise search into one intelligent content platform to improve findability, bridge internal siloes, adding intelligence to business content management for consistent global experiences.
  • SDL Machine Translation that is not only translating, but injecting smart tagging around attributes into the translation so that it’s more intelligent and able to augment performance and the quality of translation.
  • SDL Trados GroupShare 2020 that works seamlessly with SDL Trados Studio to streamline workload, reduce manual tasks and provide real-time access to projects, terminology and translation memories, all of which helps teams to deliver high quality translations faster.
  • SDL Content Assistant, SDL’s linguistic AI-driven content tool that helps marketers create more content faster by quickly analyzing complex documents, providing summaries and generating snippets of multilingual snackable content.
  • SDL Language Cloud which is the industry’s first AI-powered, human-optimized end-to-end translation solution; providing companies with a cloud-based solution to access machine intelligence and human expertise, for greater control, visibility and scalability across their global content supply chain.
We have also given greater focus on our Regulated Industries business. We recognize that individuals who work in highly regulated industries deal with very different business climates from their counterparts elsewhere. Whether it’s FINRA in the financial services industry or HIPAA in the insurance and medical fields, marketers have to keep on top of sometimes ever-changing rules and regulations. We continue to implement strategies that organizations can deploy to create and manage intelligent content, ensure regulatory compliance, and security for all their multilingual regulated content requirements.

SDL Colleagues in KenyaWith regards to our corporate social responsibility efforts, I’m very proud of the charitable activities carried out by our employees, who actively get involved in projects in their local communities to support those less fortunate. This, hand in hand with the work carried out over the last 10 years by our SDL Foundation, helps people and communities realize their potential in a sustainable way. It’s been great to see more SDL employees getting involved with the SDL Foundation this year, especially those who have had the opportunity to travel to Africa and see first-hand the great work that our charity partners do to support disadvantaged communities. 

Looking ahead to 2020, we are excited about the opportunities that await us! We’ve already released our predictions for the year ahead, regarding new trends which will be impacting our industry and will be at the forefront of our future innovations—regardless of what happens with Brexit. You can’t fully plan for the unknown, but you can be prepared to act and react to any eventualities, especially around the language and content markets. So stay tuned for more from SDL, including our new website launching next year, which will provide a better user experience to enable our customers and prospects to engage with us, learn more, and get value from their SDL solutions. 

As we head into the final days of the year, I would like to thank all our customers, partners and friends of SDL for your valued business, support and feedback throughout 2019. On behalf of everyone at SDL, we look forward to partnering with you in 2020 to take your business to new levels and enhance the way you create, translate, and deliver your content to your global audiences.