SDL Foundation 10 Years

SDL Foundation Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary by Partnering with Street Business School!

Over the past decade, the SDL Foundation has changed thousands of lives around the world for the better. We’re always looking for ways to support local and international communities. Which is why – on our 10 Year Anniversary – we’re particularly proud to announce our continued support to help 1 million people out of poverty in partnership with Street Business School.
Street Business School, a leader in global training, now operates in 13 countries: Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The charity’s mission is simple: to end poverty by empowering women to become entrepreneurs. Its entrepreneurship training program is designed to build confidence and provides practical business skills, so that women can build their own successful enterprises, meet their daily needs and raise confident, educated children who will break the cycle of generational poverty. As an example, Masitula is a recent SBS graduate and a mother of six. Due to a lack of money and work, she was only able to send three of her children to school. After receiving training from SBS, Masitula now has a successful vegetable stand, and all six of her children receive full time education. During her SBS graduation, Masitula was alight with happiness as she recalled, “My children are all in school, we eat and drink, and we are very happy!” 

The work undertaken by Street Business School has proven invaluable to local families. As Devin Hibbard, CEO, Street Business School, explains, “SBS graduates will triple their income and create hope for their families for generations. In 2018, SDL Foundation and Street Business School built on a four year partnership to go ‘beyond funding’ and engage SDL employees in the work they support.”

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Street Business School was derived from the fair-trade jewelry organization BeadforLife, founded by Devin Hibbard in 2004. Over a decade later BeadforLife made changes to its program and committed its resources to a mobile educational success, now independently operating as Street Business School. SDL is proud to have supported BeadforLife initially from 2011, and now Street Business School, whose dedicated staff are literally transforming women’s futures.

As Chris Batterham, Chairman of SDL Foundation, explains: “We’re extremely proud to continue our funding, partnership and close friendship with Street Business School (SBS). The passion to ‘ignite the potential in 1,000,000 women’ among SBS employees, volunteers, alumni’s, GCP’s and the women who are changing their lives is outstanding. We are privileged to be a part of Street Business School’s legacy and look forward to the next steps of their incredible life changing work in Africa and beyond.”

In case you’re not familiar with the SDL Foundation, it’s a not-for-profit organization committed to supporting charities and projects through financial grants and educational and vocational training – all geared towards helping communities realize their own potential in a sustainable way. Over the past decade we’ve helped 21,000 people out of poverty, donated £1.7 million in funding, and touched 29 countries. If you’d like to learn more about the SDL Foundation – watch this space as we announce exciting new initiatives over the coming months and years.