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Part 1: The Cultural Challenge of Globalization in Asset Management

For Asset Management firms, successful engagement with customers and regulators relies on effective fund content that is both culturally appropriate and compliant – neither of these imperatives can be underestimated.
Much attention has been given to the creation of compliant content (and I will touch on the methods by which it can still be made compelling within those limitations in a future blog) but less has been said about the cultural importance of fund content.  Growth through globalization is the objective of many Asset Managers but the pursuit of that goal can introduce unexpected levels of complexity – not just the translation of content into multiple languages within the framework of different laws and regulatory models – but also the need for a cultural context in which that content will deliver the most positive impact.

The dangers of neglecting culture

What we know is that culturally inexact content has an unmeasurable impact – unmeasurable, that is, other than the fact that you can be certain it will result in a negative user experience.  It is a challenge for firms even to ensure control, consistency and accuracy of content in its source language – but the failure to adapt that source material successfully for local cultures can be extremely damaging.  Reputational fallout from such oversights can last for years, harming beyond repair the opportunity for a company to build its brand in some markets.

SDL gives customers the foundation for impactful content wherever it is delivered, whatever the format, in whatever the timeframe. Our Language Services teams have the industry expertise to ensure that content which is subject to regulation remains compliant in whatever jurisdiction it is delivered.

Better still, working with our Marketing Solutions teams, we can undertake the finessing of your content to ensure that it is received as intended.  This might involve transcreation, a comprehensive adaptation of your content for a local market, conducted in close collaboration with your internal teams as well as any external agencies with which you also work.

These multilingual services are designed to advance your brand in new markets, giving you the best foundation for growth in response to global competition and ever-increasing stakeholder expectations.  You can find out how they fit into a broader framework for successful content creation, translation and delivery by reading our eBook, “A New Global Content Operating Model for Asset Managers”.

Accessibility is just as crucial as culture

Finally, a word about accessibility too.  It’s not just the cultural context that is critical to the delivery of successful content – the need for content that caters for people challenged for reasons other than just language is also an imperative.  As well as people with disabilities or limiting health conditions, a steadily ageing global population must also be given equal access to content.  However, it is very much in the interests of financial service providers to go beyond simple availability of access and look to ensure that the customer experience is as good as it can be for everyone. SDL has recognized both the reputational and regulatory need in this area and you can find out more about our Accessibility Solution. You can learn more about all these solutions at SDL Connect, taking place this week in Burlingame, California. If you've not had a chance to register, don't worry - there's still time! Click here to register.

And don't forget to look out for part 2 of the series, where we offer 3 ways you can better streamline content creation and delivery.