SDL History

25 Years of eliminating language as a barrier to going global

SDL Milestones

Over the past 25 years SDL has grown into one of the most recognized and respected translation services and content management technology companies in the world. Our expertise combined with the passion and skills of our people, allows us to help many of the world’s top brands communicate across borders, languages and cultures with contextual content across any device. By humanizing the digital world, SDL delivers understanding through seamless content creation, dynamic delivery and translation services, taking our digital past to build your digital future.

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Take a look back through the years at the technological innovations and events that have taken SDL from its beginnings to where it is today.

SDL Powers...

...the top 14 automotive companies

... 6 of the top 7 banking companies

... the top 3 life sciences companies

... the top 11 consumer electronics companies

... the top 12 IT/software companies

... 27 of the top 37 eCommerce/retail companies