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SDL’s Global Content Operating Model (GCOM) provides the framework to map five pillars of delivering engaging digital experiences. Looking at the processes, technologies, human resources, driving strategy and content inputs & output, SDL uses the Global Content Operating Model to guide improvement and alignment across all pillars.


Assess and improve maturity from authoring, thru translation, to publishing.


Best of Breed approach to content creation, translation management, content management & distribution .

Human Resources

Insourced & outsourced, regionally disbursed. Eliminate duplicative efforts.


Align strategy to content investments.


Evaluate across branded, paid, technical, operational, regional, and other axis.
How to manage your global content across channels in multiple languages

Supporting your global ambition with a GCOM Assessment


During orientation we are acclimating to what areas of the enterprise and content are in focus, the geographic reach, and primary aspects of the Customer Journey that are in view.


Discovery is a deep dive into the organization, looking at content strategies, people, processes and technologies. To determine where best practices can be adopted and gap analysis against best-in-class operations.


Solutions are implemented over phases, accounting for highest value, ability of the enterprise to successfully carry out change, and highest utilization of current assets.

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