SDL Brings Powerful Cloud-Based Neural Machine Translation to Global Brands

New SDL Neural Machine Translation Release Helps Enterprises Deliver Next-Gen Multilingual Experiences

SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation, and delivery, today announces major enhancements to its Machine Translation (MT) offering, bringing SDL’s state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) 2.0 into a secure Cloud environment. In addition, it now uses Edge-Cloud capabilities to seamlessly integrate with on-premise solutions to provide secure ground to Cloud deployment options for brands with Linguistic AI capabilities, powered by Hai. 

SDL’s next-generation NMT 2.0 solution has been developed with and for enterprises who require deployment flexibility to rapidly process high volumes of multilingual content for a global audience across multiple use cases and scenarios. For example, leveraging on-cloud instant translation for social media posts that need an immediate response while taking advantage of the same technology on premise for internal legal documents, patent applications, eDiscovery, and processing other sensitive content. 

Benefits of SDL’s Cloud-Based Neural Machine Translation include: 

  • Access to more languages and markets: Gives brands instant access to over 100 language pairs, including the most challenging (Russian, Chinese, and Korean). This means brands can now develop their business in traditionally difficult to reach markets, engaging with customers in their language of choice. 
  • Secure, instant access from anywhere: Anyone involved across the translation supply chain can securely access projects, tasks and translations from any connected device. Data remains secure and complies with local data governance regulations. 
  • Easy to use: Translating a document has never been easier. Users only need to drag and drop a file or use a pre-built plugin within commonly used applications, and within seconds receive the translation in their desired language with formatting preserved. 

“SDL is revolutionizing the way brands understand and engage with worldwide audiences with its Neural Machine Translation technology,” said Mihai Vlad, VP of Machine Learning and AI, SDL. “Our enhanced Machine Translation offering – supporting an Edge-Cloud architecture – provides scale and speed, along with robust data governance and privacy across the content supply chain, establishing a foundation for other Linguistic AI solutions.” 

SDL’s superior NMT engine has evolved from close collaboration between MT developers, MT-savvy linguists and professional translators across multiple industries and domains to fine-tune the engine for fast, even higher quality translations in a secure environment.


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