SDL Enhances Customer Experience Cloud to Deliver the Only Global-Ready Customer Experience Suite

New capabilities allow organizations to provide frictionless, relevant experiences for brands from digital marketing through to self-service support

“Relevant digital experiences are critical for global businesses looking to reach diverse audiences.”
Kristen Kaefer, senior director of Digital Marketing at NetApp
SDL (LSE: SDL) today launches its V2.0 SDL Customer Experience Cloud (CXC) to align with top strategic initiatives of the leading global brands. The unified suite of offerings centers on four key pillars: Digital Experience, Knowledge Center, Customer Analytics and Language to meet the needs of today’s global organizations. With these enhanced capabilities, organizations can gain more insight into customer behavior and preferences to guide customer experience strategies, act on opportunities in real time and deliver relevant experiences in the language of the customer. This enables increased engagement throughout the entire customer journey – beyond marketing, from any channel, across the globe.

“Relevant digital experiences are critical for global businesses looking to reach diverse audiences like we are at NetApp,” said Kristen Kaefer, senior director of Digital Marketing at NetApp. “With SDL’s Customer Experience Cloud, we can now dynamically target content across 20 local websites to varying segments more effectively moving our customers and prospects along the buying journey. In a matter of seven weeks, we were able to do a global site redesign that normally takes over nine months to complete and we have saved hundreds of development hours by leveraging a technology integration and implementation with SDL’s translation management solution.”

Organizations are faced with the increased challenge of meeting growing consumer expectations and delivering a superior experience. SDL CXC is the only solution that enables marketers to no longer guess at what might resonate. Marketers are provided with all the information required on who to target and how to personalize the experience for the customer, while ensuring the delivery of relevant and timely information to the right device, in the language of the customer faster than any other vendor today.

“SDL’s solutions allow us to deliver highly-flexible and customizable documentation, in the language that matters to our customers,” said Elizabeth Gschwind, localization manager at FICO. “Since implementing DITA and SDL’s technology, we have saved considerable time and money on content production, and are now able to investigate new and exciting ways to deliver information to our customers.”

SDL Customer Experience Cloud drives unified experience and insights for key customer roles across the entire journey, beginning with marketing and eCommerce roles through to customer support and IT professionals. With today’s announcement, SDL streamlines its cloud offering into four easy to implement, integrated solutions:
Digital Experience: SDL enhanced its capabilities for an all-in-one digital experience to further help brands engage their customers through contextually relevant experiences. This includes a set of digital experience accelerators that allow the creation of adaptive web and mobile experiences that offer re-use of content, assets, customer profiles and rules without the need to be developed individually. Combined with new capabilities that allow marketers to test and measure how campaigns or personalized offers perform, SDL’s enhanced digital experience offering significantly reduces the level of upfront investment normally associated with global customer experience initiatives. Leveraging SDL’s Digital Experience capabilities, organizations including Virgin Money, KONE, Mandarin Oriental and Kaeser Kompressoren are now providing paramount customer experiences to brands.

Knowledge Center: SDL goes beyond the marketing funnel with the availability of its knowledge center. This functionality is an integral part of the SDL Customer Experience Cloud and provides organizations with the ability to convert customers to advocates by facilitating the creation of consistent brand journeys from marketing to a self-service post-sales experience. Key capabilities of the knowledge center allow for the creation of dynamic product knowledge views that offer a superior experience for documentation and self-service support scenarios by providing the same brand richness as done for marketing experiences. Organizations like Life Technologies and OSIsoft are using SDL’s Knowledge Center capabilities to drive superior customer experiences.

Customer Analytics: With its customer analytics technology, SDL has added the ability to model a single view of the customer that aggregates all customer data including profile, situational data, transactional data, and third-party data that’s available within the enterprise to drive a segment of one experience which enables real-time analysis of the customer experience. SDL has also enhanced SDL Customer Journey Analytics with the ability to track brand health looking at customer perception versus that of competitors. New enhancements include Brand Health Tracking, Campaign Effectiveness, Product Launch Optimization and intelligence to drive Market Expansion. SDL’s Customer Analytics capabilities make it possible for totesport to provide seamless customer experiences to brands.

Language: SDL provides global brands the ability to effectively communicate across regions and languages ensuring organizations are communicating in the language of the customer, a critical requirement from a customer experience standpoint. New language enhancements include SDL’s Targeted Industry Language Platforms for Travel & Hospitality and Life Sciences; organizations can now cater to the terminology and language nuances required for these targeted industries.With SDL’s Language capabilities GTA and KONE are overcoming challenges to achieve customer experience success.

“SDL is laser-focused on helping brands create better customer experiences, and we realize that doesn’t end with marketing,” said Mark Lancaster, CEO of SDL. “Our technology combines a rich expertise in language with a common data layer and the first context engine to simplify and unify the channels brands need to outperform competitors world-wide. Our Customer Experience Cloud begins delivering value within days, allowing organizations to focus on engagement and creating brand advocates, ultimately growing the bottom line.”

In addition to NetApp and FICO, leading organizations in multiple industries, including, Manufacturing, High Tech, Travel & Tourism and Financial Services, are leveraging SDL Customer Experience Cloud to drive great customer experiences.

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