SDL Survey on CXM Reveals Product Information Essential to Creating a Great Customer Experience

79 percent of U.S. consumers believe high-quality product content improves their impression of a product or brand

SDL (LSE: SDL), the leading provider of Global Information Management solutions, today released a survey report that uncovers new findings about the importance of product content in customer experience management (CXM) and why interactive, contextually-aware, multimedia product information is a must-have in any customer engagement strategy.

Product information – whether that’s user manuals, how-to guides, or installation and troubleshooting guides – has always been considered a staple component in any customer purchasing experience. Yet little research has been done to analyze exactly how users access and leverage product information, and how it influences their perception of a product or brand.

The survey, which was conducted online among 1,000 adult consumers in the United States, demonstrates the impact that high-quality product information can have on the customer experience. The majority of respondents agreed that high-quality product content is essential to good customer service (82 percent), makes it easier to solve service problems on their own (87 percent), and improves their impression of a product or brand (79 percent). The survey also reveals:

  • How product information is being used: Most respondents stated they use product information to learn more about a new product before they use it, while others use it to troubleshoot. The remaining group use product information to discover new functions and features.
  • How consumers access product content: When searching for product information, respondents stated that they most frequently turn to the manufacturer’s website or a search engine, such as Google or Bing, to find content.
  • How consumers feel about user-generated content: When it comes to younger consumers (aged 18 – 24), content found on forums, news groups and wiki sites is a significant source of trusted product information. This group was most likely to turn to user-generated content for product information, compared to a mere 5 percent (aged 55-64) who said they did.

Additional findings are available in the full survey report, titled “Measuring the Importance of Product Content in Customer Experience Management”:

“This survey validates our belief that high-quality product content plays a critical role in improving the customer experience,” said Jan Jaap Kolleman, CEO of SDL Content Technologies Division. “Taking the time and effort to deliver valuable and relevant content is a win-win situation—it helps businesses enhance brand loyalty, while enabling consumers to get the most out of their purchases.” SDL conducted the survey in August 2012 to uncover important trends about the ways customers use product information, and the role that product content plays in the customer experience. To qualify, respondents had to indicate they use product information both at work and at home.

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