Azad Ootam

Azad Ootam

Chief Transformation Officer

Azad Ootam believes in straightforwardness and compassion. They’re values that have served him well in a career spent transforming organizations. 

“You can’t be transactional throughout your career,” he says, “it’s just not the proper way to operate and besides, you never know where people end up! Treat everyone with respect, be candid and sincere and you will be repaid tenfold. 

Ootam spent nearly two decades as a management consultant at what is now Accenture. “I joined there with the intention of staying two years before finding a new job. I ended up spending 20 years there.”

His approach must be a winning formula, because organizations don’t want to let him go. 

In 2006 he was asked to do a five-week review of the Home Office ministerial department responsible for immigration, security, law and order. “That turned into 3.5 years when they realized I could help transform and improve the organization.” In 2010 he joined Royal Mail “to give them three months of my time before I went back to government.” Six years later, he decided to leave in search of something new. 

Joining SDL in June of 2016, Ootam says he finds his role exciting because: “If I do my job I will not only impact the whole of our company, but frankly, the whole industry. And that’s fun!”