BREX Builder

One of the first and most important activities to prepare for any S1000D project is to establish the business rules for your project. Learn how the BREX Builder can help you do it.

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SDL BREX Builder: An Evolution in S1000D Project Development

  • If you could reduce your 6 to 12 month project startup to 6 to 12 weeks, would you consider this a competitive advantage?
  • If you could reduce your project startup costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars, would you consider this of competitive advantage?

SDL BREX Builder leverages S1000D best business practices and streamlines the business rule decision process by providing a guided user experience that addresses each decision point in the S1000D specification. It helps you measure and achieve your project milestones, raise your level of conformance to the S1000D specification, prove your compliance with industry standards, and gain efficiencies that improve project quality and reduce the costs needed to meet your business and operational demands. SDL BREX Builder helps you create and collaborate on your business rules decisions and generates a BREX data module for use by your [Common Source Data Base (CSDB)] {link to Contenta S1000D}. 

For those new to S1000D, Using SDL BREX Builder is like having an experienced S1000D consultant on staff. It provides recommendations based on real world project experiences for specific business rules.