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The SDL Language Platform includes everything a company needs to effectively enable a global customer experience, including technology to improve translator productivity, manage localization workflows or automatically translate content.

Translator Productivity

Translation Productivity Solutions

A common message in both the commercial and government markets is that language translation is increasingly important, but the amount of content that needs to be translated continues to grow. Human translators are key to meeting this need, but without tools to help increase productivity is difficult to meet the demand.

To support global businesses, translators and localization professionals can utilize technology solutions to aid in the localization process and dramatically improve both quality and efficiency. Additionally, these solutions are hooked into other SDL solutions to ensure that transferring the content to and from translators is seamless.

Market leading solutions for translation productivity in the SDL Language Platform include:

Translation Management Solutions

Translation management systems manage the end to end process for translating and localizing information. These solutions help globalization and localization managers reduce the cost of translation and help marketers provide consistent content across languages for new markets.

Translation management systems enable teams to define and illustrate each step of the localization process as part of a workflow, and then automate steps appropriately. When tasks, resources and assets are centralized this way, it enables a complete view of the entire process.

SDL offers leading translation management solutions in the SDL Language Platform to centrally manage translation assets, automate processes and collaborate on projects:

Translation Management
Automated Translation

Automated Translation Solutions

With trusted, automated (machine) translation solutions, companies are enabled to communicate with customers across more languages and channels: marketing professionals can translate user generated content and presales information to help launch web sites into new markets and provide a unified experience; support professionals can quickly deliver multilingual information, such as knowledge bases, chat and email; and localization professionals can improve translation throughput by adding automation into a standard workflow. Additionally, government analysts and intelligence workers can rapidly translate foreign language data for mission critical decision making.

SDL Language Platform offers leading machine translation solutions to meet a variety of business needs:

Managed Translation Services

With our own in-house professional translators staffed across 70 offices in 38 countries, SDL Language Solutions offers best-in-class translation services that help global companies engage with customers across languages, cultures and channels through a completely outsourced solution.

Whether you're selling products or services, communicating internally or externally, contact us to learn how SDL can fully staff, manage and host your localization translators, processes and technology for you.
Software Localization

Software Localization Solution

A successful global product launch requires early planning for software internationalization and localization. By considering other languages from the start, software can be built to make localization easy. Additionally, with the right technology and processes, software localization can be integrated with ease. For this business need, SDL offers:

Government Intelligence Solution

Government intelligence and defense workers are frequently faced with imperfect or incomplete data to make decisions. To save lives, enforce laws and protect borders, they need rapid, timely access to all relevant information, regardless of the original language in which that information was presented. With secure, automated translation, governments can translate information automatically from dozens of languages and formats. All information, regardless of the original language, can then be analyzed and escalated as needed. For this market, SDL delivers:

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