SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite 
 for Online Gaming 

SDL Trados Studio 2011

Develop effective and
engaging campaigns

How much revenue comes from certain parts of our customer base? What percentage of our customers are high value to us? Who should we develop further? What new games will excite particular customers? These are all key questions that Online Gaming marketers need to ask in order to develop effective and engaging campaigns. The SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite for Online Gaming helps them do just that. Listen to the various ways their customers interact with them, understand what message should go to which customer and engage with them across the channels they prefer.

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Listen. Consolidate data to gain a competitive advantage.

Because individuals engage with gaming brands across multiple channels, all data pertaining to player/brand interactions must be consolidated into a single view of the player. This enables the marketer to coordinate all marketing activities based on a full understanding of the player. In order to succeed in this highly competitive industry, you have to keep your customer play and marketing interaction data in one database. Without a single view, marketers risk providing disjointed brand experiences and missing opportunities for increased brand loyalty and sales.

Understand the key needs of your customers and segment your offers.

Not all gamers are the same, nor do they offer you the same value. The profitability of many operators relies on a relatively small pool of high value players and these high rollers account for significant volumes of revenue and profit. Understanding who your high-value customers are and how they want to interact with you, will help reduce churn and increase your profits. On the flip side, understanding who your mid-range and lower value players are will allow you to craft the right message to continue to develop them. By segmenting players across the spectrum, you are better positioned to reach the right player with the right message and at the right time.

Engage gamers through multi-channel communications and “on-the-move” gaming.

So how do you reach them? Simple: think multi-channel. Gamers are on the move and require brands to keep up. With mobile and social on the rise, it is important that you implement these channels into your marketing strategy. Want to reach your high-value customers who may not have bet on the big game? Send them an SMS reminding them to place their bet. Looking to develop mid-range betters into high-value players? Offer them an incentive to share your brand across their social media outlets. Bottom line: when it comes to you online gaming marketing strategy, multiple channel engagement is a sure bet every time.