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Take translation productivity and collaboration to the next level

SDL localization tools are trusted by over 250,000 users

Empower your translation teams to deliver high-quality projects in multiple languages quickly and efficiently. Market-leading translation software from SDL equips your teams with the tools they need to meet the ever increasing demands on today’s global businesses.

Translate more

Leverage intelligent software to achieve more, in less time, and with fewer resources.

Maintain quality

Achieve consistent brand, voice and content quality across all languages.

Increase productivity

Use smart project management and collaboration features to streamline processes.

Boost productivity

Keep up with skyrocketing digital content demands with SDL’s suite of intelligent translation productivity tools. Discover the power of the market’s leading CAT tool, SDL Trados Studio, as well as powerful translation memory, terminology management and trainable machine translation capabilities that help language professionals work faster, easier and more accurately.

TMs and terminology

Reuse up to 80% of your content by leveraging terminology databases and translation memories (TMs).

Productivity boosters

Give your team access to tools that accelerate and automate processes while eliminating the risk of errors.

Quality control

Use customizable features to manage brand and term consistency, workflow and quality control across the entire translation project lifecycle.

Solve translation project complexity

Give your team instant access to projects, including supporting assets, anywhere and at any time. Project managers can track project progress in real time and adjust user permissions at any stage to ensure access to important files is available as and when needed.

Maximize translation reuse

Ensure you make the most of every translation by giving every user real-time access to assets, regardless of their location.

Reduce project administration

Remove the administration burden with project automation and allow more time to be spent on the important tasks.

Centralize collaboration

Prevent translation review and communication challenges by providing one centralized system for project collaboration and file sharing.

Speak with one voice

Protect your company’s brand with terminology tools and style guidelines that ensure translation quality, accuracy and consistency in every language. Provide anytime, anywhere access to easy-to-use, centralized corporate brand terminology and glossaries while managing your product names, SEO keywords and legal terminology.

Terminology management tools

Software localization technology

Releasing new software simultaneously into multiple markets can be tricky. SDL Passolo is designed to meet the specific demands of the software localization and gaming industries by providing a visual translation environment that not only speeds up the localization process, but also increases quality and efficiency.

Smart multilingual

Translate GUIs quickly and easily within a simple-to-use, visual environment that can interact with virtually any software-specific file format.

Agile development-friendly

Run software localization processes in parallel with agile development cycles including pre-release programming sprints.

Source code

Protect surrounding source code from bugs or contamination during the translation process with proper permissions, controls and workflows.

Harness translation queries

SDL smartQuery effectively manages queries and captures them for reuse, leveraging them as a translation asset and ensuring stakeholders are kept properly informed with an integrated workflow solution.

Perfect the review process

SDL globalReview ensures translator, reviewer and manager work together effectively via a central, integrated review platform. Improve efficiency and objectify quality assessment through advanced sampling and analysis features.

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