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Understand your customer and the unique journey they're on. Leverage insights from customer data and behavior to optimize experiences with more personalized offers and communicate more effectively across all touchpoints, channels and languages.

Map the customer journey

Understand your customers by analyzing their behaviors to map their unique journeys.

Optimize each touchpoint

Leverage insights and customer context to optimize your customer interactions with more targeted and personalized offers.

Interact through relevant experiences

Deliver highly relevant experiences that engage customers across all touchpoints, channels and interactions.

Web experience management

Take control of your digital ecosystem and connect with customers worldwide through sophisticated web experiences across devices and languages.

Multichannel campaigns

Keep customers engaged throughout the buying journey with technology to manage targeted marketing programs and tailored content, all delivered on the customer’s channel and device of choice.
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eCommerce optimization

Deliver buying experiences that adapt to customer behavior by providing in-context offers that guide customers to what they want to buy – and what you want to sell.

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