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These products and services now belong to Social Data Intelligence LLC ("SDIL"). For more information please visit the Social Data Intelligence LLC website.

Don’t guess at what drives your customer’s experience. Define, measure and predict their behavior across the entire customer journey. With SDL’s advanced analytics for web, campaigns and consumer behavioral modeling, you can unlock the power of data-driven marketing to deliver the products customers want and the messages that resonate across markets, languages and touchpoints.

Single customer view

Data-driven campaigns

Customer insights

Customer profile analytics

Capture and evaluate the context of every customer interaction. Combined with historical customer data and easy to set up marketing rules, you can apply this intelligence to provide customers with relevant online experiences.

Campaign analytics

Segment customers across data sources based on interests, preferences and demographics to strategically target them with the right content to drive conversion. Adjust your campaigns based on customer behaviors as they move along the buying journey.

Social Intelligence

Leverage the world’s largest data set to revolutionize how you look at market research. SDL's social intelligence solutions combine advanced analytics applications with an enhanced social media monitoring platform to accelerate speed to insight across 23 languages.

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